Debbie Sue won an award for 'Best Script/Screenplay' for her comedy, 'Dating Dilemmas'. For the 'Believe in Your Dreams' Cinefest 2022

Debbie Sue wins an award for, 'Best Comedian.'

Debbie Sue won a Chicago Oscar for, 'Best Comedian.' At JC Martini Club. 'Chicago Media follows the Oscars event.' 

This is Debbie's Maltese dog named, "Love".


Debbie Sue and her mom, Lois. 

              Debbie's books, 'Still Single,' 'Still Dating' & 'My Husband the Stranger' are dedicated to Debbie's Mom.



Debbie Sue at DePaul University.





Debbie Sue at Indian Trails Public Library.





Debbie Sue at Borders in Evanston.


Debbie Sue wins an award for 'Best Comedian of the Year.' From the Red Silk Carpet 2021 awards.



Debbie Sue won 'The Fresh Faces Project Innovator award 2021.'


Debbie Sue is in the 'Who's Who On the Red Silk Carpet' In the Red Silk Carpet Magazine 2021.


Debbie Sue's script/screenplay,'Dating Dilemmas' is officially selected in Cinefest 2022.


Debbie Sue's script/screenplay, 'The Moving Nightmare' is officially selected in Cinefest 2022.



Debbie Sue is featured in 'Poze Magazine' August 2022.

'Debbie Sue is featured in 'Africa USA Magazine.' In the November issue.






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