Debbie Sue Goodman 

Author, Comedian and Actress

E-mail: debrasue-60076@msn.com

Debbie Sue Goodman performs a one-woman comedy show based on her best selling book, "Still Single" which includes many humorous and heartwarming stories about Debbie's life. Her book, "Still Dating" includes many more humorous stories.  Debbie is a comedian and an actress/lyricist/vocalist/impressionist, and has appeared in many comedy clubs, theaters, charity events and cable TV shows. Debbie has also made numerous guest appearances on Chicago TV, Podcasts, radio stations, author appearances and book signings. Debbie wrote a humorous screenplay and comedy show titled, 'Dating Dilemmas.' Debbie Sue won an award for Best script/screenplay from the,'Believe in Your Dreams Cinefest 2022.' Debbie Sue wrote a screenplay (drama) titled, 'The Moving Nightmare.' Debbie Sue also appeared on The Roku Channel. Debbie Sue is the lead actress in the upcoming short film,'Washed Up.' Filmed in Chicago.

Debbie's latest novel is titled, "My Husband the Stranger."

Numerous articles have been written about her books in Chicago & local newspapers. Debbie has appeared as an extra in many movies filmed in Chicago, and appeared in many plays at Devonshire Playhouse in Skokie, Illinois.

Autographed copies of Debbie's books, T-shirts, Caps and other merchandise are available through this contact form.

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My Husband the Stranger is available at Barnes and Noble
My Husband the Stranger is available at Amazon.com
Still Dating is available at Barnes and Noble
Still Dating is available at Amazon.com
Still Single is available at Barnes and Noble
Still Single is available at Amazon.com
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Updated on May 28, 2024